Ali Khaleghi
Hi! My name is Ali Khaleghi and I am certified health coach and personal trainer in American College of Sports Medicine, training clients online and one on one in the beautiful city of New Orleans. My passion involves transforming your life in the simplest and most realistic way possible. As a trainer that specializes in fat loss and overall body transformation, I know what it feels like to be overweight with little motivation based on my past experience. After trial and error through learning and applying multiple strategies, I was able to able create a long term sustainable routine to help me stay mentally and physically healthy . I want to help you do the same. My main goal is to help you be the healthiest and the best version of yourself for long term by providing you accountability and motivation 💪
diet nutrition
weight loss
muscle gain
stress management


Training options available for you
Customizable Training Accountability Program
- Active Communication - Customizable Training Program - Lifestyle Habit Coaching - Fitness Tips
One on One Personal Training Session
One on One Live Personal Training Session ( 1 class )
4 One on One Personal Training Sessions
- $70/ Session
8 One on One Personal Training Sessions
12 One on One Personal Training Sessions
- $60/ session
Premium Accountability Program
- Active Communication - Fat Loss/Strength Training Tips - Lifestyle Habit Coaching